I have the honor and privilege of teaching and coaching leaders from some of the top companies in the country. I’ve collected some pretty interesting data. When I ask my workshop participants what are the leadership characteristics you admire in leaders you choose to follow. The lists go on and on and we have a great time trying to exhaust the list in our brain storming session. However, as I’ve collected these lists over the past couple years, there are 7 leadership traits that leaders and the rank and file alike, require in the leaders they voluntarily choose to follow. I specifically stated “voluntarily” because people can follow us because they have to follow us or because they want to follow us. I think we would all agree that we aspire for the latter.

Every successful leader aspires to have a volunteer army ready and willing to go into battle with them and to share in the triumphs.

The 7 leadership Traits Teams Crave and Expect from Leaders

  • Trustworthiness – Without TRUST nothing else really matters
  • Authenticity – People want to know the people they choose to follow are the “Real Deal”
  • Integrity – Are your words congruent with your actions. Do you do what you say you will do?
  • Respect – Is your behavior one that values diversity of perspective, ideas and people? Show that you and acknowledgement team members.
  • Knowledgeable – Do you have the requisite skills to be a thought leader in your area of authority
  • Transparency – Willingness to admit openly when you make mistakes and understand that no one is perfect.
  • Honesty – Being truthful