Dynamic & Highly Engaging

Angela’s dynamic and highly engaging presentation style will excite and motivate your team to become influencers and catalyst for positive change in your organization. Angela is someone who rose from the ranks of company volunteer to the executive suite working for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. In addition, Angela built a multi-million dollar enterprise in 3.5 years recruiting a team of over 1,700 in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Mission Focused

Angela’s mission is to inspire and motivate positive change with measurable results for organizations around the world. Contact Angela to schedule an introductory tailoring call for your organization.



This Powerful Keynote tells Angela’s true life story of how an eight year old African American girl’s chance encounter with a white businessman unlocked the secret to her success in building a multi-million dollar enterprise and living the life of her dreams. Angela shares the secrets she learned by being a Key Connector and how to build powerful and meaning relationships in business and in life to reach your dreams.

Personal Leadership

and the Winner’s Mindset

This highly engaging and motivating workshop designed as an introduction to the principles of Personal Leadership, helping participants to learn the fundamentals and importance of taking leadership, ownership and accountability for their own success despite circumstances and change. Through learning the necessary personal leadership skills to navigate and lead their own personal success plan, participants will leave feeling empowered and confident in an ever changing and uncertain world.


How to Build Trust to Engage and Ignite Teams

Personal Leadership is a leaders choice to lead themselves and be accountable to themselves first so they can model the expectations they have for their teams. This workshop guides anyone who wants to take control and ownership over their own lives and business in order to a more credible, authentic leader and influencer.

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