Highly Engaging & Interactive

Angela’s brings high engagement and interaction to corporate workshops. Using class discussions, case studies and project based learning; Angela brings high participation to the learning environment. Angela has a reputation for holding the attention of her participants by weaving them into the learning process. She excites and motivates teams to become influencers and catalyst for positive change in the organization.

Our Approach

Workshops can be half day or full day, and each is tailored to the needs of the organization. There is also a half day workshop paired with a half day executive coaching available. Contact Angela to schedule an introductory tailoring call for your organization.

Angela is someone who rose from the ranks of company volunteer to the executive suite working for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. In addition, Angela built a multi-million dollar enterprise in 3.5 years recruiting a team of over 1,700 in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Angela’s life mission is to inspire and motivate positive change with measurable results, for organizations around the world.


Personal Leadership

and the Winner’s Mindset

This highly engaging and motivating 60 minute workshop designed as an introduction to the principles of Personal Leadership, helping participants to learn the fundamentals and importance of taking leadership, ownership and accountability for their own success despite circumstances and change. Through learning the necessary personal leadership skills to navigate and lead their own personal success plan, participants will leave feeling empowered and confident in an ever changing and uncertain world. *Ask how your company may qualify for a complimentary Lunch and Learn version of this workshop. *Follow-up Personal Leadership Coaching is available for this workshop .


How to Build Trust to Engage and Ignite Teams

Personal Leadership is a leaders choice to lead themselves and be accountable to themselves first so they can model the expectations they have for their teams. This workshop guides anyone who wants to take control and ownership over their own lives and business in order to a more credible, authentic leader and influencer. *Warning – The courage of introspection is required. *Follow-up Personal Leadership coaching is available for this program.

Personal Leadership

and the Power of Diversity

Personal Leadership and Diversity go hand in hand. Embracing diversity in our teams and in our world is now a requirement for growth and success. This workshop takes into account that we are all leaders in some capacity and therefore have an obligation and and opportunity to sharpen and refine our perspective and skills. Participants will learn why it is advantageous for everyone to learn to embrace this new and ever changing diverse world.

Personal Leadership

The Leader As Coach

Traditional Leadership is based on a performance management construct where the leader manages the team member based on a certain set of predetermined objectives. The Leader as Coach model is based on a collaborative coach/player model where roles and objectives are designed and implemented collaboratively in order to achieve personal and team success. This workshop walks leaders through the process of program development through implementation. *Follow up Personal Leadership coaching is available.

Personal Leadership

and Emotional Intelligence

Leadership is simply having influence and we are all influencing someone, somewhere, somehow. Personal Leadership is deciding how we relate to others as it pertains to how we choose to influence those around us in our personal and professional lives. Learning to be self-aware and taking responsibility and accountability for our own interactions with others will help us become more effective influencers at work and home. This workshop equips and empowers participants to learn the necessary tools to become more emotionally intelligent. *Personal Leadership coaching available for this program.

Personal Leadership

DiSC Leadership Assessment and Communications Workshop

Personal Leadership requires the courage of introspection; the ability to take a critical look at ourselves in order to be the best we can be for our teams. Understanding your innate Leadership Personal style and how to adapt to the personality styles of others is critical to our success as leaders. This unique workshop begins works each participant taking an online DiSC Leadership Personality Profile that they will bring to the workshop. Participants will learn how to maximize their leadership effectiveness through learning how to effectively communicate with members of their team. *Personal Leadership coaching available for this program.

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